The Ragdoll Cat is a Medium to Large, long haired, blue eyed, pointed cat.

The traditional Ragdoll colors are Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac. True Chocolate and Lilac are dilute versions of Seal and Blue.There are many shades of Seal and Blue,often the lighter versions are mistaken as Chocolate and Lilac thus Registered as such. This is especially true of Bicolors having no color on their nose or foot pads. The newer colors include Cream, Flame, Seal Tortie and Blue Cream.

Ragdolls come in "3" patterns. These are the Color Point, the Mitted and the Bicolor.

The Color Points are darker on the ears, face, legs and tail . The Mitted are darker on the ears, tail, face with the exception of two front legs having two white mittens and two white back legs. The Bicolors are darker on the ears, tail, face with a white upside down V centered between the eyes, and the legs. Belly, chest and chin are white.

The Ragdoll is one of the Larger Domestic Cats with Males weighing from 14 to 20 pounds and Females weighing from 8 to 14 pounds. Although larger cats Ragdolls are gentle, docile and very sociable. They make wonderful companions for the young and old.They get their distinctive name Ragdoll from the ability to go limp while being cradled on their backs. I find this especially true of the kittens who love to be lavished with attention while in this position.They also like to read a good Book as you can see HERE with our Grand Daughter.

Another unique feature about the Ragdoll is even though long haired,they are relatively low to non-matting.They usually love to be brushed but often need little grooming.

The only word of caution I can express is ...Ragdolls are like Potatoe Chips......You Just Can't Stop at one!!!!